Standard bank revolving credit loan

Standard bank is a global financial and banking institution.This global position and stature has allowed this institution to gain extensive experience from different markets and provide solutions which perfecting personal and business challenges for the clients. With long and tested experience and presence in South Africa, Standard banks clearly understands the challenges which confront the business sector. One of those challenges is access to finance or credit. In order to provide a solution in this regard, this banking giant introduced the Business Revolving Credit Plan.

The business revolving credit plan offers business banking customers a line of credit which can be used when required. This credit facility offers a minimum amount of R10000 up to a maximum amount of R4 million. The amount of money one qualifies for is however determined by the clients ability to pay back. A client is allowed to pay a minimum monthly repayment and the credit limit is then restored automatically after 25% of the loan amount has been repaid.

This credit plan has great features and benefits such as the fact that documentation is simple, the loan amount is not repayable on demand, fixed monthly instalments makes cash flow management and planning easy, you can withdraw to the original amount without having to reapply, repayments are fixed even when you decide to revolve, a business revolving credit plan  is more suitable than an overdraft to buy fixed assets and there is quick turn around time for applications.

Standard bank can be contacted on 0112994701.

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