Pep Store Capfin Loans – Simplified Access to Cash

Pep Store Capfin Loans – Simplified Access to Cash

Capfin understands the need for people to have access to fast, easy finance and that’s why they have partnered with Pep Stores to give easy and convenient loans to ordinary South Africans. The application process for Pep Capfin loans is simple and gives applicants immediate access to loans to help them pay for unexpected expenses or education costs. 

How does it work?

Individuals can approach any Pep Store with their I.D in hand. They can get it scanned at till points to check if they qualify or not.

What are the qualification requirements?

To potentially qualify, individuals need to be permanently employed. Individuals will need to provide a cell phone number on which they can be contacted.

Capfin will send a response to the applicant via SMS within 15 minutes of applying. Qualifying applicants will receive a call from a Capfin consultant, in order to finalize the application process. They will confirm the loan amount needed as per the applicant’s request, along with repayment terms and banking details.

Once approved, the amount is deposited directly into the client’s bank account. Thereafter, monthly repayments will be deducted on a monthly basis via debit order.

There are numerous Pep stores all over South Africa, which means that loan applicants have immediate access to the much-needed finance they require to handle their financial obligations. Pep Capfin Loans offers clients an added benefit of getting to avoid lengthy queues at banks and face-to-face interviews.

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