Blacklisted car finance South Africa

Being blacklisted is one of the biggest prohibitive situations one can ever face. Being blacklisted hampers on ones liberty to participate in the financial markets with regards to obtaining credit for education, health, property, vehicles and many other things. For individuals in such a situation, Blacklisted Car Finance has become the solution house.

With this firm, clients are offered quality tested pre-owned vehicle regardless of the credit score. A client just needs to meet minimum requirements and walk away with a car with no credit financing.

These minimum requirements include a deposit of R15,000 which can sometimes be higher depending on the vehicle chosen, R12,000 gross monthly income or even higher before deductions and a valid South African drivers license which is unendorsed.

The other option provided which is different from financing is rent to buy.Rent to buy allows you to drive a quality tested used vehicle on a rental basis.At the end of the set rental period,you have the option of either returning the vehicle or keeping it or even upgrade it to a better car model.

Blacklisted car finance can be contacted on 0100403217.

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