Take back your life with Maravedi personal loans

Loan any amount from R1 000 – R15 000 and make your dreams come true.

Blacklisted? APPLY NOW Maravedi offers unsecured loans to blacklisted clients across South Africa

Maravedi personal loans are flexible as the repayment period ranges from three to 60 months, and you can choose the repayment plan that suits you.

You can simply walk into one of Maravedi branches. Call their call centre on 0860 222 765 for a branch nearest to you or the application process can be done telephonically.

A personal loan is the perfect financial solution when you need access to funds to help with a planned or unplanned event or to kick-start your finances. You can borrow the funds for a set period of time and negotiate easy repayment terms to suite your needs and budget.

To qualify for a Maravedi loan you must:

  • Be older than 18 with a South African ID book
    Be employed for at least 3 months at current employer
    Have a minimum gross monthly salary of R2500
    Have a bank account
    Want an easy telephonic loan process with flexible repayment options

Make that Choice! Choose to get a loan with Maravedi personal loan.

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