Edgars Hospital Plan – Financial Help for your Hospital Needs

Edgars Hospital Plan – Financial Help for your Hospital Needs

In South Africa many people can’t afford the costs associated with a medical aid. This is often as the result of fees becoming more expensive every year. The fact is, not everyone is able to afford traditional medical aid packages on offer. This has created a gap in the market for alternative healthcare insurance providers.

Edgars has extensive history in the South African retail market. Since the first Edgars store opened in the country in 1929, the company has grown considerably to become a leading chain store and reputable brand, renowned for quality products.

By expanding into the financial services sector, Edgars has managed to improve their overall offerings to customers.

The Edgars Hospital Plan is a convenient financial solution for individuals who can’t afford medical aid.

Underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Company, the Edgars Hospital Plan is not a medical aid.

Tell me more about the Edgars Hospital Plan?

  • With this plan, you will receive a lump sum pay-out when you have been discharged from the hospital. This sum is intended to help you to cover expenses at home while you were in hospital and unable to work. Edgars understands the challenges that come with hospitalisation and through the Edgars Hospital Plan clients are able to prevent possible financial ruin as a result.
  • A further benefit offered is that you receive one year’s premiums back after every 5 years whether you have claimed or not.
  • Your insurance cover is dependent on how you conduct your account payments.
  • There is a 3 month natural causes waiting period, while a 12 month waiting period applies on hospitalisation due to giving birth.
  • A maximum of 180 days spent in hospital will be paid out on this policy.

To contact Edgars, call: 086 011 2442

Visit www.edgars.co.za



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