One Plan health insurance

The gap between quality medical services and bad ones has continued to grow in South Africa. The cost of access to quality medical services for the masses has also continued to skyrocket and slowly becoming out of reach. This therefore means to cushion this heavy cost and be able to receive good medical assistance in the unfortunate circumstances of ill health, a good health insurance plan is the wise plan. One institution which is answering this call is One group with the One plan health insurance.

One group of companies is a company which was formed as a result of a strong desire to make vital health products and services accessible and affordable to the emerging local and international markets. The one plan health insurance is divided into the hospital and healthcare category, hospital and healthcare cover. Today One plan has 40,000 clients and handling 6,000 claims per month.

The hospital and healthcare plan is further broken down into Core R which comes with a R254 premium, Blue at R426, Professional at R538, Executive at R669 and Elite at R836. The hospital plan is divided into the executive hospital plan which comes at a R374 premium and the elite hospital plan carries a premium of R515 premium. The health care cover has the health plan which comes at R265 monthly premium.

One plan health insurance is indeed putting quality healthcare in the hands of more South Africans. Clients can contact them on 010 040 3187.

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