Capfin Loans by SMS – Creating Simple Loan Applications

Capfin Loans by SMS – Creating Simple Loan Applications

There is no doubt that improving technology has made inroads into various industries worldwide. The financial sector has seen a number of significant changes and improvements which have made it much easier for consumers to perform activities such as transactional banking, applying for credit cards or even applying for loans.  

Capfin is a leading financial institution in South Africa, which has approved loans for over 3 million customers over the last 4 years. In partnership with Pep and Ackermans, Capfin has been able to empower those seeking financial assistance.

The institution is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator and provides loans to individuals who can afford to make repayments comfortably.

Capfin loans by SMS is one way that the institution is trying to make the lives of its customers simpler.

How do Capfin Loans by SMS work?

If you are interested in applying for a personal loan from Capfin, you can simply SMS the word “Help” to 43679 and a Capfin consultant will call you back.

A credit check will be done, in order to determine whether or not you will be able to afford to repay the loan.

The process is quick and easy and there is minimal paperwork involved. Furthermore, it’s easily accessible and there are no long queues that you have to wait in.

By applying for Capfin Loans, you are able to get access to loan amounts from a minimum of R500 to a maximum of R20 000.

If you prefer a more personal approach, you can visit any one of the more than 1400 Pep and Ackermans stores nationwide to apply for Capfin Loans.

You can take your valid South African ID and latest proof of income, which will be scanned at a till point.


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