A Guide to the MFC Motor Warranty

A Guide to the MFC Motor Warranty

MFC is a division of Nedbank, one of the four major banks in South Africa. MFC Vehicle Finance is a specialist provider of leading vehicle finance solutions. MFC Vehicle Finance bases its operations on the goal of “Making Smooth Frictionless motor finance”. A division of Nedbank, MFC Vehicle Finance offers a single-minded focus on vehicle finance.

Owning a car means that you also have to deal with possible break-downs due to mechanical fault. In such instances, you can usually claim form the warranty.

There are different types of motor warranty options available. MFC offers a number of warranty products.

MFC Motor Warranty provides clients with cover for additional wear and tear or electrical components.

Extended Warranty

  • This covers any mechanical or electrical component features. It covers you for non-wear and tear parts on your car once factory warranty has expired.

Pre-owned vehicle Warranty

  • This warranty provides cover for major mechanical and electrical parts.  A vehicle rental service, emergency medical response and free roadside assistance are provided.

Warranty Gap

  • This provides cover for additional non-wear and tear parts. It covers you for two years and the gap between your major warranty claim amount and the amount listed in the “Claim Limits” section of your underlying policy.

Service Plan

  • This MFC Motor Warranty type covers service-related items such as labour charges. It excludes wear and tear items. Roadside assistance is included.

Power-up Service Plan

  • This covers all essential wear and tear not covered by your manufacturers or extended service plan.

Tyre and Rim Warranty

  • This warranty covers specific repair or replacement of tyres or rims damaged by road hazards. It includes once-off wheel balancing and alignment.

To find out how you can benefit from the MFC Motor Warranty, call: 0860 899 900

Visit www.mfc.co.za


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