Chester finance, providing finance for growth

Capital is the anchor of any business entity whether it’s at micro or macro level. Without good capital, many business entities have collapsed. It is for this reason that a financial institution came into the picture.

Chester finance is a business house concerned with creating real partnership for real growth. This firm provides short-term working capital and financial backing to entrepreneurs involved in trading and manufacturing businesses. With experience of more than 20 years, Chester designs trade solutions for clients.These solutions are packaged as trade finance and stock funding, purchase order finance, off-balance sheet inventory finance and short-term working capital finance.

Trade finance and stock funding offers facilities to clients to make direct payments to international suppliers of products and raw materials. Purchase order finance allows clients to execute purchase orders by providing them with the finance required to import products needed to fulfill the purchase orders. Off balance sheet inventory finance is tailored to optimise cash flow by providing clients with a financing structure where Chester finance can import and warehouse products on the client’s behalf until they are required by their businesses. Short term working capital finance which is the anchor product of the business is done according to business merits.

Chester finance is indeed an economic partner. Contact can be made on 0112741700.

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