Edgars Credit Limit Increase

Edgars Credit Limit Increase

Edgars is a popular retail outlet that is renowned in South Africa for providing quality products. For a number of years the company has been offering South Africans credit solutions.

Credit applications are subject to credit assessment and Edgars has the discretion to decline or approve your application.

What you need to know about the Edgars Credit Limit increase:

The credit limit that is reflected in the quotation is the maximum amount that is made available to you under the revolving credit facility.

According to Edgars Terms and Conditions, a credit limit is: “The maximum amount made available to you in terms of this credit facility (being the credit limit specifies in the quotation) or any changes to this limit from time to time”.

You can’t buy any goods and services with your card if to so means that you will exceed the credit limits.

If Edgars approves a transaction that results in you exceeding the credit limit, it does not mean that Edgars has extended or increased the credit limit on any permanent basis.

You may instruct Edgars at any time, by written notice, to Edgars, to reduce your Edgars credit limit.

Credit limits may only be increased by Edgars in accordance with your instructions and in accordance with the National Credit Act.

Benefits offered by the Edgars Credit Card:

  • You can use the card wherever you see the MasterCard sign.
  • You can access cash at any ATM using this card.
  • Keep track of your credit card expenses with the monthly statement sent by Edgars.
  • Paying for the facility is also simple with the Automatic Payment Order, which makes sure that you don’t miss any payments.

To find out more about the Edgars Credit Card limit increase, call: 0860 112 442

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