Time is Money

Don’t allow life to stop ticking whilst you’re retrenched, resigned or dismissed why not obtain a bridging finance short term micro loan that is secured against a future income with In 2 Bridging Finance to improve your cash flow or pay back debts that are due while you’re waiting on your pension / provident package payouts.

Take care of your consumption needs pending the lump sum payout of these various types of Bridging Finance that In 2 Bridging Finance offer:
· Pension/Provident Package Payouts
· Resigned, Retrenched, Dismissed
· Death Claims
· Divorce Claims
· Policy Pay Outs
· Disability claims
· Maturing investment ( Sanlam & Old Mutual)
· Retirement annuities

APPLY today by completing the form with your information for bridging finance online at www.in2bridging.co.za and get fast and efficient feedback from one of their staff who will attend to your loan application and get in contact with you.

Please note: The minimum benefit amount to qualify for bridging finance is R 20 000. In 2 Bridging is a division of Wize Guyz.

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