FNB eBucks Rewards

FNB eBucks Rewards

Customer rewards programs are often called “loyalty” programs. They not only offer customers an incentive to buy additional products and services, effective loyalty programs also reinforce and cement customer relations. This kind of positive reinforcement can prevent customers from switching to your competitors–even when your competition makes lower-price offers.The FNB eBucks Rewards is an example in this regard.

eBucks Rewards is all about rewarding FNB customers for how they bank. We focus on adding value for people who bank with FNB by enabling them to save money and do more when they earn and spend their eBucks. The amount of rewards you enjoy all depends on the way you bank.You can spend the eBucks you earn on fuel, electronics and appliances, travel, books, CDs and DVDs, flowers, outdoor equipment, fashion – you name it.

Other features and benefits of eBucks is you earn eBucks whenever you use your qualifying FNB account, you spend your eBucks on the things you love and enjoy, you can customise your spending to suit your pocket, eBucks dont expire which means save up your eBucks to buy something special when you want. You enjoy discounts when you spend eBucks at the eBucks Shop or through eBucks Travel.

To qualify, you need an FNB cheque or credit card account registered with FNB.This is certainly worthwhile.

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