Woolworths Credit Card Contact

Woolworths Credit Card Contact

Having a credit card can be quite useful when you need to pay for goods or items and you don’t have access to cash. Many people also opt for using a credit card nowadays as opposed to having to carry large amounts of money.  

Woolworths offers a competitive range of credit cards to qualifying individuals.

Black Woolworths Credit Card

This credit card gives card holders a chance to earn up to 3% back on all purchases and an opportunity to get 15% off selected WRewards items. A benefit offered by this card includes the ability to shop anywhere you see the Visa sign. The card can be used at 29 million merchants worldwide who accept the Visa card. Black Woolworths Credit Card holders can also get access to cash when they need it, through options for withdrawal at any ATM. You get peace of mind through a credit protection facility as well as a budget facility that is convenient for larger purchases, allowing you to spread these payments over a number of months.

Automatic Basic Travel insurance is also included for individuals up to the age of 75.

Black Woolworths Credit Card Contact: 0861 50 20 05 or woolworthsblack@wfs.co.za

Gold Woolworths Credit Card

This Credit Card gives individuals the opportunity to be able to earn up to 2% back on all purchases. Cardholders can get up to 15% off selected WRewards items.

Gold Woolworths Credit Card Contact: 0861 50 20 05 or creditcard@wfs.co.za

Silver Woolworths Credit Card

By getting the Silver Woolworths Credit Card you can earn up to 1% back on all purchases.

To apply for these credit cards, individuals need to: 

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid South African ID
  • Provide latest 3 payslips
  • Provide a utility bill as proof of residence

Silver Woolworths Credit Card Contact: 0861 50 20 05 or creditcard@wfs.co.za

For more information about Woolworths Credit Cards, visit www.woolworths.co.za


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