CDC, Funds for Africa

CDC, Funds for Africa

The African continent has recorded phenomenal growth over the years and still remains with huge deposits of potential for economic growth.The key to getting Africa to its next stage of development is the availability of finance and reliable players in the liquid capital markets. One organisation playing a role in this regard is CDC.

CDC is the largest single investor in private equity funds in Africa, supporting 58 funds and investing in 32 out of the 54 countries on the continent.This firm also boasts of capital at work in 164 funds operating in 74 countries around the world.

CDC provides long term, patient capital on commercial terms. Its investment processes are rapid, non-bureaucratic and transparent with clear milestones and decision points and the due diligence is designed to add value to businesses and fund managers as well as inform CDC’s own decision making.This firm has a strong reputation for supporting fund managers to help them achieve good standards of governance and robust environmental and social policies.

As a pioneering investor, CDC works with fund managers to help create new funds, especially in more challenging areas, by pro-actively encouraging talented new teams and by helping them to attract capital.This firm invests to support the growth of all sizes of business from the micro-level right up to the largest because CDC believes that a balanced private sector is necessary for economic development and robust job creation.

CDC can be contacted through various online platforms.

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