Opening a bank account for a small business should not necessarily be a competent process, and you should not have to stand in endless forms and standing queues. That is why you have the ability to open a small business bank account online with any one of the major banks in South Africa

With a business account you can access online banking as well as cellphone banking and telephone banking to allow you a variety of channels to which you can use to do your business transactions. There are usually also rewards programs that your business can qualify for and rewards based on the amount of transactions you do or spending of your business.

Here are a few of the benefits of opening a business bank account:

  • you can get a debit card issued to your business account to use from day to day purchases are;
  • you can decide which cardholders should enjoy full function or limited function cards, and they will all be linked to your business account with individual limits of;
  • you can link an additional petrol card free of charge to your business bank account;
  • you will receive notifications for every transaction that happens on your business account;
  • you can get an additional savings pocket. They allow you to easily set aside additional cash;
  • you can set up limited let’s so that you can get a notification when your account reach a specific limit;
  • you can also apply for an overdraft facility on your bank account.

With these and other great features opening small business bank account is a great way to start your business and ensure that all your transactions will be in one place, while enjoying reduced monthly charges in a variety of other benefits and rewards.