What is the Top Paying IT jobs the Reason Why

What is the Top Paying IT jobs the Reason Why

If you are studying in the States and looking for a reason why to be interested in any IT jobs, let the salary at the end of the month be an encouragement. A user support specialist can earn up to $24, 26 per hour and it said that the employment growth from 2012 – 2022 could be 17%. This is very favourable figures if you are student or wanting to chance careers.

If you want to become an IT technician, you need some formal education. Essentially, you job, as an information technology (IT) technician, is to maintain computer systems, teach clients the basic skills needed to operate newly installed programs as well as provide technical support to any user.

Your career and financial prospect looks much better if you have a certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree program in information technology, computer science or computer information system with your name written on it.

Certification A+, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Linux+ and Microsoft Certified IT Professional provides more specialised knowledge and is preferred by employers.

In South Africa, there are two types of IT jobs that pay very good. The top paying IT job is Computer and Information System Managers and the second is a Software Engineer.

A computer and Information Systems Managers how has a Bachelor’s of Science degree or a Master’s of Science degree, can expect an entree salary of R587, 230 per year.

A Software Engineer type of vacancy requires the designing and evaluating of software and the systems that allow computers to function as it should. However, a software engineer must also be able to do programming as well as coding. Therefore, in other words, a software engineer basically gives the computer instructions on how to perform a required task. The average salary is R295, 992 per annual but if you have plenty of experience and specialized training, the figure can grow significantly.

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