SA Taxi is a company that drives the nation forward as it prides itself as a focused insurer to the minibus taxi industry. By being a significant contributor to the financial empowerment of taxi owners, as a financier, partner and supplier.

Through its Insure a Taxi, Khusela Taxi Business Insurance is tailored insurance for your taxi. That includes Installment Protection, Khusela Business Assist, and Taxi Alert SMS as additional benefits to protect a taxi owners business.

As a taxi owner your vehicle is more than just a taxi it’s a business and an investment therefore why not protect it through Khusela Taxi Insurance. That’s designed by taxi industry experts who understand that an unfortunate event like a theft or accident can quickly turn into a financial disaster for your business.

And to reward you for protecting your taxi, you get 10% Cash backs every month, from the first month. There’s also Comprehensive cover when your taxi is damaged in an accident, the insurer covers the repair costs. And if your taxi is stolen or damaged to such an extent that it is structurally unsafe to repair, the insurer covers the retail value of the taxi. You’ll need to pay an excess and if you go to an approved repairer your excess amount is reduced.

While Third Party, passenger liability and other cover is for when your taxi is in an accident and you’re legally liable to pay the third party involved in the accident. In that instance you’re insured for the amount that you’re responsible to pay. Payment is up to a defined limit. All the necessary cover required by your credit provider will be included. And for the cover you’ll need a valid taxi operator’s license.

Apply and get insurance today through SA Taxi and stand a chance to win 12 months free insurance. SMS Khusela to 45057 and they’ll call you or call them on 0800 106 447 or visit and complete the form. This offer ends 31 October 2016.

Contact: SA Taxi Insurance 0861-829-448 or 011-550-9300.