Iloans, finance for blacklisted individuals

Iloans finance – Blacklisted is a dreaded term for many in the financial markets. Being blacklisted implies that a lending institution or credit bureau has listed an individual who has a bad credit record from being under debt review, having a judgement against such an individual or even missing a few monthly payments.The implication of this situation is that an individual can not get a loan from any financial institution.

I loans is a South African lending house which understands that whether one is blacklisted or not does not make them immuned from being confronted with financial challenges which need urgent financial remedy. I loans believes being blacklisted shouldn’t prevent one from obtaining the much needed credit or finance. I loans offers customers secured personal loans which assists many in paying education fees, medical bills, home renovation costs and even vehicle repairs.

The financial house allows customers to avoid taking up high interest loans. Customers can follow a few easy simple steps to apply for a personal loan. The steps are simply to fill in and complete an online application form, a personal loan consultant will then contact the applicant to take them through the process, a request is made for information and documentation to be sent through, the application is then sent to relevant financial institutions.

I loans can be contacted on 0879403072 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist clients and answer queries.

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