Chartis Travel Insurance South Africa

Chartis Travel Insurance South Africa

Chartis travel insurance South Africa is part of the Chartis Insurance Group. The company is an American insurance company, which provides a full range of insurance products to large and small firms.  

As well as providing Life Insurance, Chartis can also furnish personal insurance. Such as home insurance, contents cover, car insurance as well as health and accident insurance and also provide cover for identity theft.

The Chartis South Africa Group is the local division of the Chartis Company, providing the company’s policies to South African businesses and private customers. Chartis has since rebranded to AIG. And when it comes to its South African Travel Insurance there are three main products.

For the business traveller  

There’s the Travel Guard Business travel insurance which offers global travel insurance. Suitable for if you’re a business traveller, as it’s for all of your business needs of international or local business trips.

If you’re a student traveller  

Invest in making good memories and let Chartis travel insurance South Africa worry about any emergency that might happen abroad. This is a cover suitable for if you’re a student or youth with a group of friends going on camp or on holiday. And you need the best travel insurance for you and your friends.

Then there’s the Individual Traveller 

It’s there to make planning your trips fun, everything from going through the tour guide or making your bookings. It will be an experience on its own. This is also suitable for family or group travel needs under the Holiday travel insurance cover.

When taking up any of these products of the Chartis travel insurance South Africa you’ll be asked. What will be your destination? When will you be leaving and for how long? And how many people will you be travelling with?

Choose Chartis travel insurance South Africa for global reach in over a 100 countries around the world. Great prices on offer so you can spend more cash on your trip and best in class customer service to assist you whenever you need it.

Contact: 0860 100 491 – Within South Africa.

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