Hollard Taxi Insurance

Hollard Taxi Insurance

There are over thousands of taxis on the South African roads that cover a vast amount of kilometres per year, per taxi. Due to the fact that a taxi is one of the most used means of public transportation in the country. Therefore it’s no wonder that taxi insurance is so important. 

Hollard Taxi insurance insures the largest taxi insurer in South Africa (SA), Clarendon Transport Underwriters (CTU). It’s the fastest way to get your taxi back on the road and earning money.

As owning a taxi is not just only a means of a vehicle to take you wherever you want to go. It’s also a business for the drivers who transport fare paying passengers to specified routes in different areas, suburbs, townships, town, cities, and rural areas. Anywhere where there’s an inhabitant of people you sure to find taxis that can transport them.

For Hollard Taxi Insurance solutions in SA look no further than CTU, it’s Taxi Business protection when you need it.

Hollard Taxi insurance is there for you if you’re looking for taxi vehicle cover such as:

Comprehensive – if your vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen or set alight. It will be fully repaired or written off and the insurer will pay out the current market value (book value) of the vehicle. The vehicle will also be covered against accidental damage caused by yourself or another party.

Passenger Liability – gives protection should the taxi driver cause the accident and be held legally responsible for death of or injury to passengers in his/her vehicle.

Personal Accident – includes compensation should the driver or passengers be killed in an accident. The driver is covered for Maximum Indemnity of R100 000, driver R30 000 and passenger (death cover only) R5000 each.

There’s even basic cover against theft, hijacking or accidents. CTU was established in 1991, specifically to cater to the growing insurance needs of the taxi industry in SA.

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