Xcelsior Loans – Secured Loan Specialists

Xcelsior Loans – Secured Loan Specialists

Xcelsior Loans is a privately-owned registered credit provider. Getting access to credit is something more South Africans are doing nowadays. The rising cost of living has created a steep challenge for ordinary citizens. Traditional lending institutions such as banks offer quite a few options in this regard, but their services often have stringent criteria. Micro lenders have stepped up and are providing South Africans with a wide array of solutions. Xcelsior Loans is a lender that offers clients flexibility and efficiency. 

Tell me more about Xcelsior Loans services?

Xcelsior Loans provides secured loans to all South Africans. Individuals with bad credit records and those who are blacklisted are also assisted.

In order to qualify for a loan from Xcelsior Loans you need to be able to provide collateral in the form of cars, bakkies, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes, boats or motorised sports vehicles such as jet skis.

Loan amounts are offered from R5000 to a maximum of R500 000.

There are no affordability assessments done. The value of the vehicle determines the qualifying loan amount.

Applying is simple and the process is, quick, easy and paperless. There are no lengthy administration processes to go through and no long queues to wait in either.

Once the loan is approved and finalised, you can expect the transfer of funds into your bank account to be completed within 45 minutes. You then have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your loan. Use it to pay for any of your most pressing financial needs. Once you have repaid the loan amount in full, Xcelsior Loans will return your vehicle to you.

To speak to an Xcelsior Loans consultant, call: 012 997 1062

You can also send them an email here: info@xcelesiorloans.co.za

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