Affordable Car Insurance Quotes

Affordable Car Insurance Quotes

Many South Africans are looking for affordable car insurance quotes. The high cost of living in the country means that fewer people are willing to pay insurance. On the other side of the coin, they really need to get insurance because of the high accident rate in South Africa, as well as the high rate of crime.

Because only about 35% of cars on South African roads are insured, this drives the costs of insurance in the country much higher.

What are the trends?

John Melville, executive head of risk services at Santam told Wheel24: “Unless we can make inroads into reducing those drivers of costs, we are not going to make products affordable.”

Insurers generally cannot recover their costs from third parties responsible for accidents involving their clients. Chances are that these third parties do not have insurance and either cannot afford to pay the damage or will pay only after expensive and time-consuming court action.

According to Santam, accidents account for 70% of the motor claims.

The weak Rand contributes to escalating costs. The cost of repairs is a massive problem for insurers.

Insurance is important because if you have an accident that is the other driver’s fault, their lack of insurance can mean you have to foot the bill.

No Claims Bonuses encourage drivers to make a conscientious effort to drive safely on a daily basis.

What are the golden rules of affordable car insurance quotes?

  • Know the promise you’re buying
  • Keep the promise you are making
  • Keep in mind that it is the insurer’s job to pay you what you are due and not more

Quotes are based on factors including:

  • The model and make of your vehicle
  • The age of the vehicle
  • Most insurers pay out at market value, which is the average of the retail and the trade value.
  • The more extensive the insurance cover, the more the policy will cost you.
  • The safety offered by the vehicle will also play a role
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