Wonga Loans

Wonga Loans

Wonga Loans are payday loans offered by specialist short-term loan provider Wonga. The institution has established a high ranking in the United Kingdom. Since inception in South Africa, 98% of customers say it is better than other credit providers. 

These loans are not intended to be a constant credit solution, but are designed to help individuals meet some of their most pressing financial needs. Wonga Loans provide applicants speed, convenience and flexibility.

How can you access Wonga Loans?

  • Simply visit the Wonga website and use the sliders online to calculate how much you need and for how long.
  • Wonga will ask you for some personal details and banking information.
  • Wonga will then do a credit check.
  • Once you are approved, as an applicant you can expect cash in your account before you know it.
  • On your chosen repayment date, a single debit order will be done.

Why choose Wonga Loans?

The application process is easy and can be done using a mobile phone

There is no need for payslips, bank statements or proof of residence

You can expect approval within 20 minutes

There are no hidden charges and no branch visits to deal with

You can use the online calculator tool to work out the repayment schedule, interest as well as other fees

What are the requirements?

You need to have an email address so you can confirm your application

A one-time pin will be sent to your mobile phone to complete the application

How much can you get from Wonga Loans?

As a first-time client you can qualify for loans of up to R2500. You have up to 30 days to repay the loan.

As an existing Wonga client with an improved trust rating, you can qualify for up to R8000 in finance.

As an authorised financial services provider, Wonga provides finance to credit-worthy individuals and loans are dependent on individual affordability assessments.


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