Cash Inn Pawn Shop South Africa- Providing Convenient Access to Cash

Cash Inn Pawn Shop South Africa- Providing Convenient Access to Cash

Established in 2009 by Roy Peretz, Cash Inn Pawn Shop is a leading pawn shop specialising in providing simple cash loan solutions.

Since inception, Cash Inn Pawn Shop South Africa has achieved an unparalleled reputation for honesty and fair dealings. The institution buys and sells cars, memorabilia, diamonds, gold and boats.

Pawn shops all over the world are now assisting customers from all walks of life who want to pawn or sell a range of unique and valuable items. Getting access to cash loans has become much easier in recent years. While traditional banking institutions are usually the most trusted lenders, the rise in the micro finance industry has changed the way that consumers access finance.

Pawn shops have been in the finance industry for a long time. By choosing to use a pawn shop you can turn your old goods into instant cash. There are no credit checks done, as the pawn shops will rely on the asset that you are providing in exchange for access to cash.

Interest charged will only be for the period that you have actually borrowed the money.

Another factor that has increased the popularity of pawn shops is the improved security. These shops can now be located in more suburban areas and aren’t only in dingy parts of town. You won’t need to undergo any credit or income checks, so even if you’ve been turned away by your bank, Cash Inn Pawn Shop South Africa can help you.

Boasting a high rate of repeat customers, Cash Inn provides access to instant cash and the best price in town for luxury watches, cars or other assets.

How the process works:

  • Loans are for 30 days.
  • At the end of the 30 days, the loan plus interest must be paid in order to reclaim your pawn.

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