Yuppie Cash

Yuppie Cash

Yuppie Cash is a financial institution that specialises in providing fast, convenient and secure personal loans. The institution has planted its roots in rural South Africa and caters to a market that is often ignored by other lenders. Short term loans are provided, which are fully compliant with the standards of best practice and they are provided in a professional manner. 

We’ve all experienced some months that have strained us to the maximum financially. During such times we may often feel dejected and not know where to turn to. A visit to your local bank may leave you feeling even worse than before. Fortunately, there are other options available, such as other micro-lending institutions (like Yuppie Cash) that have finance solutions available for your pressing financial needs.

How much can I get from Yuppie Cash?

With Yuppie Cash you are able to get loans of up to R1000.

There is an easy online application process and you can expect approval within 24 hours.  You have the benefit of not having to wait too long to get access to funds, which is highly useful when you need it for emergencies. You simply visit www.yuppiecash.co.za and upload 3 months’ bank statements and your latest payslip. Alternatively, fax the documents to 086 648 0456.

What you need to qualify:

  • You need to be permanently employed
  • You must have a bank account where your salary gets deposited
  • Have no judgements, defaults or blacklisting against your name

These are short term loan solutions that can provide you with financial relief when you need it most. You can use the loan to pay for school fees, medical bills, rent expenses or for buying groceries for the month. Yuppie Cash strives to provide services to individuals who may not usually qualify for loans from traditional lending institutions.

Contact Yuppie Cash by calling: 0800 222 636

Visit their website here: www.yuppiecash.co.za

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