Xcelsior loans, credit against motor vehicles

Liquidity is a term used to describe how easy is it to convert assets to cash. It is therefore not an exaggeration to state that total value of assets owned can give an idea of ones financial value because in troubled or rainy days, these assets can be converted into cash or even used as security against a loan. One organisation which has specialised in this kind of business is Xcelsior.

Xcelsior loans is a private and registered credit provider in South Africa which provides short-term loans.This business house which is built from private equity financing uses a unique model which allows clients not considered credible by mainstream financial institutions to access cash.

Unlike traditional commercial banks and other lenders, this financial house does not conduct any affordability assessments and there is no stringent demands regarding client credibility.The only requirement is collateral in form of motor vehicles which could be cars, bakkies, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes, boats and even sports vehicles like jet skis.The value of the asset in this regard determines the loan amount one qualifies for.

With a quick, easy and paperless application system, clients can have the applied for amounts of money within 45 minutes. Loan amounts offered range from a minimum of R5,000 to a maximum of R500,000.

Applications can be made online and if approved,the security asset can be collected or delivered and stored in a secure facility with 24 hour security. Repayment is done by either by repaying the full loan amount or service the monthly interest and charges. As soon as the loan is settled, the motor vehicle used as security is returned in the same condition.

Xcelsior can be contacted on 0129971062.

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