Wonga — Providing Unbeatable Loans

Wonga — Providing Unbeatable Loans

Wonga is a business brand which has caught the attention of the wold. Established in 2006, Wonga which operates as a British payday loan company has become synonymous with quality loans and credit.

With a business presence that now stretches into South Africa, Canada, Spain and German, this firm takes pride in being the inventor of fully automated risk processing technology to provide short term unsecured personal loans online, including via tablet and mobile app.This put Wonga in a position of being the first to provide an instant lending application on the iPhone.

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Wonga has committed itself to transforming the South African credit market by offering small, short term loans online with more speed, convenience and flexibility than banks, traditional lenders and other websites. Wonga ensures they remove the complexity and inflexibility consumers face whenever they need to borrow some cash in a hurry.

With a well organised online system in place, applying for a Wonga loan is simple. For a start, you can use the sliders on the home page to decide exactly how much cash you want to borrow and how many days you need it for. Wonga system then shows the full cost and once you are happy, you click apply. A credit check is then performed using personal details and banking information.

You can initially request any amount up to R2,500 and should you choose to use Wonga more than once and provided you use the service responsibly, your Wonga trust rating may gradually increase giving you more borrowing flexibility if you ever need it.

Constant application feedback is provided and if the loan is approved, cash is instantly sent. On your chosen and preferred date, a single payment from your account is collected.There are no catches or extra costs to worry about, provided you stick to your side of the deal.These loan facilities are offered between one day and a month.

Wonga can be contacted through its online platforms.



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