Virgin Money Insurance South Africa

Virgin Money Insurance South Africa

Virgin Money is not only about financial products, but its range also expands out to include offerings to cover insurance.

And at present Virgin Money offer a wide variety of short-term insurance products designed to protect various types of assets from homes to motor vehicles. And its long term insurance solution of life cover and funeral insurance called Virgin Money Life.

The Virgin Car Insurance is considered one of the biggest direct car insurers in South Africa (SA). It offers Virgin Comprehensive Car Insurance, Virgin 3rd Party, Fire, Theft and Hijacking Insurance, Virgin’s 3rd Party Only Insurance and Virgin Money comprehensive off-road vehicle insurance.

Virgin Money’s home contents is insurance that covers your home and its contents against the most common and serious hazards. You’ll be provided with the best homeowners insurance quotes found in SA. And comparing homeowners insurance quotes can enable you to reach the right decision as far as selecting the most appropriate deal is concerned.

While Virgin Money’s automatic travel insurance is for international flights booked with a Virgin Money credit card. You’ll receive free basic travel insurance giving you peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of when you’re far from home. And free automatic lost card insurance covering you should your card be lost or stolen and against any fraudulent purchases.

And in the event of your death or a permanent disability there’s Credit Life Insurance, to cover the debt on your card. And through this cover you can also cover secondary cardholders by special request.

Virgin Money Life is for in the event of the policyholder’s death. It covers the nominated beneficiaries of the policyholder who will receive the value of the life insurance policy.

Included with this policy is a Funeral Benefit. This pays out within 48 hours following the customer’s death. A Memorial Benefit to assist with buying a headstone for the unveiling on the anniversary of a successful claim. And a confidential testing and treatment service should a customer be potentially and accidentally exposed to HIV.

For additional peace of mind, customers can choose to add Disablement and Dread Disease cover or a Terminal Illness Benefit. This pays out if the customer falls terminally ill and their life expectancy is less than 12 months. Or a Guaranteed Assurability Benefit to increase their cover amount when they experience a lifestyle change, without the need for further underwriting.

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