Virgin Money Credit Card South Africa

Virgin Money Credit Card South Africa

For a world of benefits and sweet deals, from everyday spending to restaurants, to visiting places you’ve only dreamed of and everything in between. Along with the special offers from Virgin Money and its other Virgin businesses, it’s no wonder why many want to know how to get a Virgin Money credit card.  

And in South Africa (SA) getting a Virgin Money Credit Card could never be easier. If you’re 18 years and older, earn a monthly personal income of R5 000 or more. If you’re a South African resident with an ID card and have a South African savings or cheque account.

Then you well on your way to owning a Virgin Money credit card. And well why not with features such as a credit card design that best suits your personality, a personalized limit based on your credit score. Exclusive access to Virgin Money Rewards, 3D secure protection when you use your card for online shopping and an option of three additional cards linked to your main account.

As well as Virgin Money’s credit card pricing structure with freebies at every turn. This includes no charges on annual card fees, monthly service fees and internet banking fees. No card swiping charges, free face-to-face card delivery and free automatic Lost Card Insurance.

And to help you spot unauthorised activity on your card. Virgin Money credit card has a NotifyMe service. That ensures you receive a SMS notification of activity on your account so you’re in total control of your security at all times.

You can apply online or call Virgin Money on 0861 822 273 or email them at to find out more about the Virgin Money credit card. Virgin’s partner in setting up the credit card is Absa Bank.

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