Over 20 years of providing financial services has established Clientele as a leader in the South African financial market. The institution is widely recognised as a reliable and trusted provider of insurance and loan services.

The Clientele Hospital Plan is a leading hospital insurance product offered to protect you and your family against unforeseen costs related to hospitalisation.

Hospital Plus Plan:

Plans are offered from R99 per month for up to R200 000 hospital cover per year. Clients can benefit from a R20 000 lump sum per stay (if hospitalised for more than 48 hours.)

Beneficiaries also get R2000 per day for hospital stays longer than 10 days. Up to R200 000 cover is provided for accidental death, dread disease and accidental disability.

Ultimate Hospital Plan:

From R147 per month, this cover offers up to R200 000 hospital cover per year. All premiums are paid back if you have been hospitalised for more than 10 days or in the unfortunate event of death.

Premium Plan:

This Plan is available from R275 per month. It pays between R1000 and R5000 per day if hospitalised for more than two days.

You need to be in hospital for longer than two days in order to qualify for a claim. A further benefit offered by this plan is the provision of Cash Back after every 60 premiums paid.

It also includes an ICU Benefit, Maternity Benefit and Dread Disease Benefit.

Illness can affect anyone at any time, so it’s better to be prepared for how to fund payments for medical bills. Clientele offers an affordable way of handling these costs, through the Hospital Plan products. The Clientele Hospital Plan is not a Medical Aid, but the policy pays out a cash benefit.

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