Ways to get Discounts on your Pet Insurance

Ways to get Discounts on your Pet Insurance

For many people, pets form an integral part of their families. Not only are households paying for their own medical needs, but they are also paying for the medical needs of their pets.

Pets are living much longer than before, which has given rise to more prevalence of disease. Treatment for these diseases is also becoming much more sophisticated and more expensive – often leaving those without adequate cover with hefty bills.

More pet owners are looking at medical insurance to assist with unexpected, unplanned vet visits. Add to this the fact that almost all insurers will refuse to cover an animal with a pre-existing medical condition and you realise why it’s so important to have pet insurance.

The amount of pet insurance you will be paying is likely to be dependent on your pet’s breed and age. There are also ways to get discounts on your pet insurance.

How to get discounts on your pet insurance:

  • If your pet’s been neutered and microchipped, the premiums will be reduced.
  • Insure your pet when it’s young and healthy.
  • Make sure that you compare prices.
  • Opt for multi-pet insurance.
  • Keep in mind that some insurers are now basing monthly payments on your pet’s individual profile.
  • Pet insurance makes the most sense when your pet is young and the premium is at a lower cost to you. Having an older pet often comes with the risk of more illness and thus higher premiums. Many pet insurance providers often stipulate that cover is only provided up until a particular age.
  • It’s important to do your research on the overall costs as well as the coverage provided. It’s important to know what is excluded from the pet insurance cover.

Even if you are looking for ways to get discounts on your pet insurance, keep in mind that it’s important to pick a plan that fits the needs of your pet, so that your pet gets the right amount of cover for its specific needs.




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