1st for Women Car Insurance – Women are Saving Big Bucks!

1st for Women Car Insurance – Women are Saving Big Bucks!

Women save when they switch to 1st for Women. As the company’s belief is that as a woman why should you pay the same for car insurance offering women lower insurance premiums because they’re a better risk. 

The modern-day South African women ventures out daily onto the roads and to meet women on their own term. 1st for Women with their tailor-made insurance prides itself as a product designed to meet the needs of women.

Saving women not only on money but on time and stress too, and for a lot less than you might think. Through their vehicle insurance products all of which are specific for women.

These include BetterCar Insurance should your car gets written-off. 1st for Women will go the extra mile by paying you the equivalent of a car that’s the same model but one year newer than your old car. It’s a saving on your insurance premium to go towards what matters most.

And through their Car Insurance policy, which makes it easy to confidently go about your day and live your best life, even while on the road. Choose between Comprehensive, 3rd party Fire and Theft and 3rd Party Only.

And as part of their benefits geared to provide supportive products there’s Travel Benefits of Directions Assist and Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance, which offers roadside assist. And lifestyle benefits of private taxi services through Concierge Assist.

In addition to car insurance, 1st for Women also have policies for coverage of motorcycles, off-road vehicles, caravans/trailers and watercrafts.

Visit: www.firstforwomen.co.za or call 0861 00 47 77.

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