Credit cards have proven to be a phenomenal development within the financial and banking sector. Credit cards have a number of advantages.For those who travel alot, credit cards offer buyer security, including extended warranties, making large purchases with a credit card offers much more security than if paying with cash or check. Credit cards are also a much faster payment method than checks or cash, since they don’t require the legwork and wait time that mailing checks or cash requires. The FNB Lodge Card is one credit card which has hit the right notes with the consumers.

The FNB Lodge Card can be used to manage all business-related travel expenses. It is ideal for a business where frequent air travel is a requirement. The FNB Lodge Card is kept by the travel agent and used to pay for travel-related purchases. All transactions are reflected on the monthly statement. Some of the features and benefits include up to 35 days interest free period, auto payment solution, free lost card protection, free courier delivery, free PIN replacement, free in-contact Pro (SMS or email notification), visa customer assistance (GCAS), enhanced security, double eBucks on credit card purchases (subject to qualifying criteria and rules), 15% discount on executive carport (at selected airports), straight and budget Facility, revolving credit facility, email statements, worldwide acceptance and visa Intelli-Link Spend Management system.

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