Woolworths Credit Card Payment Options

Woolworths Credit Card Payment Options

Woolworths is a leading retail franchise that has an extensive history in the South African market. For years, customers have relied on Woolworths to get quality products and services, without being disappointed.

The brand has also expanded its suite of services to include financial services tailored to suit the needs of its clients, while ensuring that the brand maintains high standards. Through its financial services, Woolworths aims to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

One of the ways through which Woolworths aims to simplify the lives of its customers is through credit cards.

Ideals for use in emergency situations or when you want to earn more rewards, the Woolworths credit card can be a handy financial tool. It’s important to make consistent payments on time every month. Not only do you avoid having to pay interest this way, but you can also boost your credit rating.

Make sure that you never skip a payment. Remember that there are various Woolworths credit card payment options available.

You should also make sure that you protect yourself from credit card fraud by taking the necessary precautions.

What you need to know about Woolworths credit card payment options:

You can pay your credit card at any Woolworths store, at any Absa bank branch, by debit order or by electronic transfer (EFT).

More about Woolworths Credit Cards:


Clients can benefit from getting 3% back in Woolworths vouchers on all Woolworths purchases. Individuals can also get 1% back in Woolworths vouchers for all purchases outside of Woolies.


As a gold credit card holder, you can get 2% back in Woolies vouchers on all Woolworths purchases. In addition, you get automatic basic travel insurance if you are under the age of 75. You can also draw cash at any ATM displaying the VISA logo worldwide.


With this credit card offering, you get 1% back in Woolworths vouchers on all Woolworths purchases, while you get up to 0.5% back in vouchers on all purchases outside of Woolworths.

Woolworths customer service details:

0861 50 20 05 or creditcard@wfs.co.za

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