South African Film and Television Production Incentive

South African Film and Television Production Incentive

The South African Government offers a package of incentives to promote its film and television production industry. The package consists of the South African Film and Television Production Incentive, which aims to assist local film producers in the production of local content; the South African Emerging Black Filmmakers Incentive, which aims to nurture and grow emerging black filmmakers to take up big productions; and the Foreign Film and Television Production Incentive to attract foreign-based film productions.

This incentive is available to qualifying South African productions and official treaty co-productions with total production budgets of R2.5 million and above.The objective of the incentive is to support the local film industry and contribute towards employment opportunities in South Africa. The incentive is provided in form of a rebate of up to 35% of the qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE). No cap will apply for this rebate.

Eligibility criteria includes the fact that enterprises must be special purpose corporate vehicles (SPCV) incorporated in the republic of South Africa solely for the purpose of the production of the film or television project.The SPCV and parent company must have a majority of South African shareholders of whom at least one shareholder must play an active role in the production and be accredited in that role.

An applicant must be the entity responsible for all activities involved in making the production in South Africa and must have access to full financial information for the whole production. Only one film production, television drama or documentary series per entity is eligible for the incentive.The following formats are eligible, feature films, tele-movies, television drama series, documentaries and animation.

Contact regarding this incentive can be made on 0861843384.

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