When you’re driving along in your taxi and paying passengers in tow. Then suddenly you’re in an accident what do you do then. The best answer is to get Taxi insurance South Africa.

Therefore insure with Taxisure. It’s insurance for taxis, uber taxis, midi-busses, shuttle services, tour guides and busses. Taxisure is affordable vehicle insurance and passenger liability cover which is tailor made for the transport industry. And the insurance policies not only cover your vehicle and passengers, but also extend to the drivers of the public transportation vehicle.

Taxisure understand that public transportation is a different kind of market and that it requires different types of insurance needs. Speedy claims settlements are simply a necessity through Taxisure services. Other services include Passenger liability, Comprehensive cover, Third party cover, Taxi business insurance for owner of a taxi. Personal accident insurance and Road cover extension.

And your vehicle can be covered through either Agreed Value, which is more specific for newly purchased vehicles. The vehicles will be insured for the purchase price upon agreement from the insurer.

Or through Retail Value the more common basis of cover. And this is determined through platforms known as the Mead McGrouther Auto Dealers Guide and the TransUnion Auto Dealers Guide. These platforms determine an average estimate value of your vehicle based on its year, make and model.

Taxisure is a product of Suretimes Insurance Administrators. You can call them toll free on 087-233-8771 or call them on their Cape Town: 021-202-2484, Durban: 031-941-1050 or Johannesburg: 010-594-0646 numbers. And email: info@taxisure.co.za.