First For Women Funeral Cover

First For Women Funeral Cover

First for Women has established a reputation as a trusted and reliable insurance company. Through the years the institution has continually offered policies tailor-made for the modern South African woman.

Founded in 2004 and underwritten by Auto & General, First For Women is a leading financial institution that has created tailor-made, holistic lifestyle support solutions specifically for women.

The institution provides a number of services, ranging from vehicle insurance, to life insurance. In addition to these insurance offers, the First For Women provides funeral cover designed to make the lives of clients easier. This cover is offered at affordable premiums. Cover can be tailored to suit the needs of your family, so you can choose how to structure your First For Women Funeral Cover policy.

The institution has partnered with 1Life to offer First For Women Funeral Cover.

A guide to First For Women Funeral Cover:

First for Women Funeral Cover provides cover for the main member, spouse, up to 5 dependants and children under the age of 21. It also caters for additional policies including the expenses of your parents, parents-in-law and domestic employees. Death as a result of HIV/AIDS is also covered.

The maximum age for entry is 80 years.

There is a 3 month waiting period for natural causes death. Double the maximum compensation amount is paid out if the main member’s death is due to an accident. The policy does not however cover suicide within the first 24 months.

With First For Women Funeral Cover you are afforded the peace of mind knowing that their needs for funeral arrangements are covered. Their family won’t have to deal with debt after the funeral.

To contact First For Women, call: 0861 11 12 92




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