Online Micro Cash Loans in South Africa

Online Micro Cash Loans in South Africa

Usually getting a loan from a bank is difficult. And you’d usually have to try from bank to bank taking a fraction of your time, money and effort to finding the perfect financial solution.

Gone are the days when getting a loan or finance meant long queues and extensive paperwork to receive cash in your pocket. These days receiving money fast and now is possible with online micro cash loans in South Africa.


Get cash fast and get it now with Finance 27, an online credit solution that provides instant loans for your short term financial worries. Even for those with bad credit rating who often opt to use expensive lending options. There’s hope yet as Finance 27 will consider your application.

Borrowers can receive R500 up to R3000 on their loans and payment at a service fee of R57 will ensure the money would be available in your account immediately. Payment is made on the same day the loan is approved with 24 hours for money to reflect in the account.


Is finance with a lender that’ll loan it to you straight offering loans from R 1 000 up to R3 000. Through their quick online application, your loan can be approved in minutes and you’ll receive your borrowed cash on the same day.

Since COBOL offer micro loans their loans are best when used to pay for an unexpected expense like a medical bill or car repairs. It can help you get back on the road and gives you time to work the expense into your budget, as their loan repayment is six months.

Makanda Finance

Everyone knows that the quickest way to get a loan these days is online. Online loans whether you refer to them as ‘bank websites’ or the ‘modern loan’, an instant online loan are the type of loans that Makanda Finance provides.

By filling in their application online you get a response within 5-10 minutes and receive your loan. It’s fast little personal loans that are quicker and cheaper because of their lowest interest rates and fixed payments that make it easier to budget for.

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