Standard Bank Loans – A Range of Viable Credit Possibilities

Standard Bank Loans – A Range of Viable Credit Possibilities

Standard Bank initiated its Sub-Saharan Africa franchise operations in the early 1990s. The Standard Bank Group, which is listed on the JSE, has extensive influence in the South African financial industry. 

As at end of February 2014, the size of Standard Bank’s loan book stood at R25.39 billion. The bank’s competitive range of facilities and credit provision services has propelled it to the top of heap of financial service providers.  Loan options provided are in the form of Personal Loans, revolving loans, overdrafts, student loans, home loans and car loans.

Personal Loans: 

Available to individuals earning a minimum of R1000 per month, these loans provide up to R300 000 in finance. Qualifying applicants are given immediate access to funds and there are no penalties for early repayment. Free Credit Life Insurance is included for loans taken for more than 3 months.


Individuals with a current account are eligible for Standard Bank’s overdraft facility. There are no initiation fees or monthly fees for money that is below R500. If the loan exceeds R500 however, you will get charged interest, initiation and monthly service fees. Approval is dependent on the applicant’s credit history.

Student Loans:

Standard Bank understands the value of education and acknowledges the rising costs associated. The Student loan facility covers tertiary fees, accommodation, books, equipment etc. Clients are only required to pay off the interest during the period of their studies and only need to start repaying the loan off upon completion of their studies.

Standard Bank charges interest on personal loans according to clients’ individual risk profiles.

A financial institution compliant with the NCA, Standard Bank is a registered credit provider and reliable and reputable financial institution.

Contact Standard Bank on: 0860 123 000 or visit their website

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