Now with African Bank you can not only bank, but you can also borrow, save and insure.

And its insurance products are relevant, innovative and assist you with your financial needs offering a wide range of services to the South African consumer.

African Bank has funeral cover insurance like no other, where have you seen a cover that increases but your monthly premiums stay the same. Or a double the amount payment if your 24 hour payout promise once a claim has been approved doesn’t come through as planned.

The funeral policy even has a 15% extra value with Doves and covers anyone important to you in fact, up to 16 people.

And that’s not all the insurance that African Bank offers. It also offers a Credit Life Insurance cover that will help you to meet your obligations in terms of your credit agreement/facility in the case of an unexpected and unfortunate circumstance.

Such as an untimely death, permanent disability or an economic setback like retrenchment. You’ll be covered either to pay instalments towards your credit agreement/facility in the case of temporary disability, compulsory unpaid leave from temporary lay-off or retrenchment.

Or to settle your outstanding obligation in terms of your credit agreement/facility depending on the circumstance: such as death, permanent disability or retrenchment, which offers a conditional settlement.

You also have an option to take out insurance with African Bank should you be involved in a crime injury. Where you become a blameless, injured victim of a crime, African Bank will make sure that you get the cash payout you need.

While the Personal accident insurance policy is cover for in the unfortunate event of an accident that you or a loved one may experience. African Bank will make sure that you get the cash support you need.

African Bank Limited and African Insurance Group Limited form part of a new group, with a new holding company African Bank Holdings Limited.

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