Absa Personal Loans – Flexible Unsecured Credit

Absa Personal Loans – Flexible Unsecured Credit

Finding hassle-free finance is the goal of many individuals seeking access to credit. Being able to find a solution that is easy to access and that takes into consideration your financial standing and how much you can afford to repay is essential for many people seeking finance. Fortunately, you may have to look no further than Absa to find the ideal loan solution for your needs. 

Whether you need to finance your dream wedding or pay for the costs of further education, you can use your Absa Personal loan for whatever reason you need. This loan is offered at flexible repayment periods. This period ranges from 12 to 72 months. You can borrow from R3000 to R150 000 at competitive interest rates. Unsecured in nature, there is no collateral needed for this loan and approval is simply based on your creditworthiness.

Absa is a registered credit provider and an exemplary banking institution with extensive experience in the financial industry. The bank ensures that all of its operations are transparent and ethical. Clients are informed upfront of all the responsibilities of the loan agreement.

How to apply: 

If you’re an existing Absa customer, you can log onto Absa online and use the menu directions to apply. After entering all the required information, you may have access to funds in less than 10 minutes.

If you’re a new Absa customer, visit your nearest branch. Visit www.absa.co.za or call 0860 100 372 to get further assistance from Absa Personal Loan specialists.

Absa promotes the principles of responsible lending practices, so clients are only able to loan what they are able to afford, based on a thorough assessment.

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