Car Quotes – Important Factors to Consider

Car Quotes – Important Factors to Consider

Driving history

You reputation can precede you when it comes to car quotes. Blemishes on your driving record can follow you for years. What happens is that insurance companies use this information to decide how high or how low your quote should be. New drivers generally have to pay higher premiums because there is no history to use as a reference.

Your Location

The perceived safety of the vehicle you wish to insure is an important factor. If you live in an area that has higher than normal accident or theft rate, this is likely to drive up the costs of car quotes.  If you live in a more urban area this means that there will be more traffic and you will have to pay higher premiums as a result.

How far you drive on average each day

The less time that you spend on the road, the less likely you are to have an accident. The more often you drive the more wear and tear your car will experience. This may also lead to more breakdowns and flat tyres. What this ultimately means is that this makes you a more likely candidate for a car accident. This makes you a high-risk individual and your premiums will be higher as a result.

What can I change?

  • Keep in mind that the insurance company wants to see some effort on your side that you are doing everything possible to ensure that your car is protected from accidents, theft or damage.
  • You can improve security features on your car. This may be in the form of a car alarm or an immobiliser or tracking system to deter the theft of your car.
  • Endeavour to drive less.
  • Become a better driver and pay your speeding tickets.


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