Woolworths Black Credit Card

Woolworths Black Credit Card

We know that if you whip out a black credit from your wallet that’s no joke as the card alone already speaks volume about your financial standing. As Black credit cards are marketed as high-end reward credit cards that are one of the most elite and exclusive accounts in the world, and only to super rich. And the Woolworths black credit card is no different.

If the thought of receiving a free monthly Woolworths TASTE magazine or two free coffees at Woolworths Cafes each month. And free Woolies online shopping delivery interests you then you might want to sign up for a Woolworths Black Credit card.

Bearing in mind that you fall under the income bracket of R500 000 gross annual salary. As of course the Woolworths brand has become synonymous with quality and value. This is a card for the Woolies customer who’s a premium shopper and rewarded for their high earnings.

The exclusive credit card is designed to meet the needs of this calibre of customer by creating unique and desirable benefits and offerings of exceptional level of service. Such as at no extra cost Woolworths black credit card holders can earn a generous 3% back in WVouchers on purchases made at Woolworths. Also get 1% back elsewhere in WVouchers for purchases made with the card outside of Woolworths.

Not forgetting the dedicated call centre exclusive to Woolworth’s black credit card holders. And for additional convenience, if you apply for the card it will be hand-delivered free of charge to cardholders.

If you appreciate services that lead to better lifestyles than the Woolworths black credit card, may just be for you. The credit card falls under the umbrella of the Woolworths Financial Services offering, which currently includes Silver and Gold Credit Cards, Store Card, Personal Loans and Short-term Insurance.

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