Which Call Package Will Save You The Most, Compare FNB Connect, Vs Vodacom vs Cell C vs Telkom

Which Call Package Will Save You The Most, Compare FNB Connect, Vs Vodacom vs Cell C vs Telkom

Called FNB Connect, its mobile services will be sold separately from the bank’s existing smart device deals and will have its own branded SIM cards.

While the FNB network will run on Cell C’s infrastructure, it has set up its own set of packages – which include mobile data contracts and bundles.

This is how FNB Connect’s mobile data contracts compare with those of Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Cell C.

Data contracts FNB MTN Cell C Vodacom Telkom
500MB R35 R51 R39 R45 R39
1GB R65 R83 R69 R75 R59
2GB R95 R125 R99 R109 R99 (2.5GB)
5GB R245 R314 R199 R259 R199

It should be noted that Telkom’s SIM-only contracts listed above can be taken on a month-to-month basis, while others are typically on a 12 to 24-month basis.

In addition to data contracts, FNB Connect also offers bundles which prepaid and contract subscribers can use to add data to their packages, or top them up.

These are compared to the bundles offered by rival networks, in the table below.

Data bundles FNB MTN Cell C Vodacom
50MB R15 R25 R10  –  – R20
100MB R28 R35 R19  – R29 R30
300MB R75 R85 R55  –  –  –
500MB R95 R105 R85 R55 R99 R95
1GB R145 R160 R149 R85 R149 R180
2GB R245 R260 R245 R149 R249 R349

It is worth noting that MTN is currently running a promotion (Da-taaa!), which offers a bonus data allocation for a limited period on data bundle purchases.

Its 1GB bundle for R160, for example, includes an additional 1GB of data valid for 30 days, effectively making it a 2GB bundle. MTN’s 2GB bundle offers a similar bonus.

This promotion is scheduled to run until at least 31 July 2015.

The Telkom Mobile prices shown above are also for the network’s “All network” bundles, to ensure a fair comparison.

FNB Connect airtime and Ebucks rewards

As the tables above show, FNB Connect offers competitive rates – but it is frequently more expensive than its host network.

However, this comparison does not take into the account the potential discounts and rewards FNB clients might receive.

The bank has promised its subscribers will get R15 back in free prepaid airtime for every R100 spent on FNB Connect prepaid airtime, or on their qualifying FNB Connect contract.

From 1 July 2015, FNB clients will also earn Ebucks on their contract or when they load airtime.


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