Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Definitions vary between car owners and between insurance companies when it comes to classic cars.  Distinctions are often drawn between “Antique” “classic” and “vintage” cars.  There are many individuals who own classic cars and these individuals are a unique market within the car insurance industry. It follows then that they have their own car insurance needs.

As a classic car owner you need to check with your agent before purchasing insurance. Classic car insurance is always typically less expensive when compared to regular insurance.

It’s estimated that as many as half of all classic owners are overpaying on insurance simply because they’ve purchased the same type of coverage for their classic car that they have on their regular cars.

Tell me more about Classic Car Insurance?

You and your insurance provider will determine the “agree value” of your vehicle. This is usually determined by professional appraisal.

In the event your classic car is damaged, destroyed or stolen, your insurance pays you the agreed value.

You may be limited to how you use your car. Most insurance providers will require that you limit the use of your car to exhibitions, car club events, parades and similar events. Most will require that your car is stored in a very specific when not in use.

Start by inquiring with your regular car insurance agent.

You may find that your insurance provider offers a unique service dedicated to classic car insurance.

Check for specialty insurers

You may not get the assistance you need from your regular car insurance company. This is why it may be worthwhile for you to consider the services of a specialty insurer. These insurance companies may have quite a lot of information for you in terms of the type of insurance cover that would suit you best.

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