Transaction capital, asset backed lending experts

Transaction capital is a business name that speaks to the operational ability as well as the product and service range of this financial house. Transaction capital is a non-deposit taking financial services group operating in asset-backed lending and serving small to medium enterprises and credit servicing organisations  and providers in South Africa.

This financial organisation has established a market reputation of acquiring or founding and then developing businesses beyond their entrepreneurial origins to achieve meaningful market positions.This is done by translating such market positions into societal and stakeholder value through strategic insight, organisational and leadership development, the ability to access and manage credit and operational risk, the efficient allocation of capital, the raising of high quality competitive funding, the management of liquidity, funding and interest rate risk and the development of a strong culture of governance, accountability, ethics and transparency.

Transaction capital products and services are delivered through a number which all carry out different responsibilities. These divisions are broken down into lending and services. Under lending there is Sa taxi and Rand trust while services has MBD and Principa.

It is clear to see from the wide range of services listed above that this is truly a transaction capital. Contact can be made on 0110496700.

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