With PEP stores you are able to send money to someone else, like family and friends, easily and effortlessly. They have a simple process by which you simply transfer money to a friend or a family member, and they can withdraw the funds at an ABSA ATM. 

PEP money transfers are quite easy to do and you can do a transfer at any one of the PEP stores nationwide. This is a very convenient way of sending money to someone who does not have a bank account, making it easy to get money to friends or family in need.

The process is easy. Simply take your ID document and go to any PEP store. You will also need your cellphone number. Ask for a money transfer and the cashier will help you. You need to give your ID book and your cellphone number to the cashier, and he or she will also ask the name and cellphone number of the person you want to send money to. They will confirm all your details and you’ll pay an additional R9.99 for the transaction.

You will then receive a four digit code that you need to give to the person to whom you are sending the money. the person will also receive a confirmation SMS with a reference number. They can then go to an ABSA ATM and select the option CashSend.

They simply enter the reference number they’ve received, as well as the four digit code you’ve sent them, to withdraw the cash. This is a very convenient way of sending money to someone as it is easy and instant to do. You don’t need a bank account to send money to someone either.