Cadiz is a recognised giant in the financial services sector which was established in 1996. Operating on a decentralised policy and listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange, Cadiz offers services such as equity derivatives and fixed income, quantitative research, stock broking, corporate solutions, asset management, unit trust management, linked life products and structured solutions for the corporate wholesale and retail markets.

The personal investments and income products offered by Cadiz  are divided into unit trusts, life products and structured investments. Unit trusts offer money market fund,absolute yield fund, stable fund, managed flexible fund, inflation plus fund, equity ladder fund and mastermind fund. Life products offer fixed income, step up income, property income and enterprise development. Structured investments offer clients the protected for life product.

The Cadiz asset management  division has more than R40 billion assets under management  for individuals and institutions. Assets management provides services such as responsible investing, institutional investments, personal investments and Cadiz high impact fund.

The Cadiz range of securities uses the expertise of BNP paribas who are experts in the areas of retail banking, investment solutions as well as corporate and investment banking.

Corporate solutions from Cadiz provide advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, capital raising, BEE transactions, business valuations and equity derivative strategies.

Cadiz can be contacted on 0216578300.