Rainfin loans, for the self employed

The South African financial markets operate under the set rules and regulations of the country.These laws governing the industry provide the parameters that financial service providers must observe.The resulting effect on customers from this is lots of paperwork, cross checks, back checks and quite often red tape.

loans for self employed

For those who are self-employed, these obstacles are even more complex. This is because individuals who work for themselves don’t earn a fixed salary but income into bank accounts fluctuate from month to month, this factor plays an important role during the credit or finance application process as it allows banks to make affordability assessments on an individual. It is therefore not surprising that self-employed people struggle to get finance, but thanks to RainFin, this story has changed.

Rainfin has become the peer-to-peer lending expert with an on-line platform that connects people who want to borrow money with people who have money to lend.This platform manages the process from start to the end.

The benefits of dealing with this firm include the fact that it cuts out the middle man, borrowers get potentially lower interest rates, it provides a simpler and more streamlined application process and it helps clients to better manage debt.

The first step to getting assistance from Rainfin is to set up an on-line profile on the website which involves a comprehensive, free credit check and a clear description of the credit score. After the credit check, a client can then apply and describe the kind of loan needed to possible lenders, once that is done, you simply have to sit back and wait for the right investor to come forth.

Rainfin can be contacted on 0878205200.

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