Having an education is one of the best tools to succeed in life. Not only does it enable you to improve your standard of living, but it also allows you to benefit from personal development.

Research shows that only 40% of matriculants who enter the labour force after matric will find employment, and this figure is likely to increase to about 78% if a child is a university graduate.

High-level work positions require continuous professional development to facilitate better decision-making skills. Tertiary education equips individuals with the diligence required to keep up with the demands of continuous education.

For many South African students, paying for tertiary education is challenging. Many people come from poor households and even those who come from middle class homes are finding it increasingly difficult to afford tertiary education costs.

Student Loans by Absa make this process much simpler.

As a student you are able to secure your future with an Absa Study Loan. This loan pays for your tuition, textbooks, accommodation and it covers your study equipment fees.

Absa strives to offer the best interest rates, while also giving students the benefit of discounts of up to 15% on study-related equipment.

Who qualifies?

Students studying full-time or part-time at a university, university of technology, agricultural  college, technical vocational education training college (TVET) or any private study institution registered at a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Payment options are simple too.

With Student Loans by Absa, you can make capital and interest repayments. Or you can also repay interest only for 12 months and thereafter repayments will include capital and interest.

What are the qualifying criteria?

  • The Student or sponsor must earn a monthly income of R3000 per month
  • Provide proof of income
  • Provide proof of study
  • Provide proof of course costs for the year of study

Loan approval is based on affordability and individual risk profiles.

You can apply for Student Loans by Absa in-branch.

Visit www.absa.co.za for more information.